Student Accomplishments

The Advancement Office is eagerly awaiting news about your achievements!  If any of our current students have received any awards or honors outside of school, we would love to know about them. Please send your news to Mrs. Guy in the Advancement Office at

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School Student Excels in Soccer

In October 2017, St. Teresa of Calcutta 7th grader, Bailey S., competed in the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge.  Bailey won 1st place among all female players in her age group at both the Council and District levels.  Bailey had the opportunity to advance to the Regional Championship, but declined. Bailey’s team was scheduled to play a league game the same day as the competition, and Bailey felt that it was important to honor her commitment to the team rather than showcase her own skills at the competition.   

According to Bailey’s family, she has been an avid soccer player since she was 5 years old.  She played for Hanover Soccer Club for 6 years, and now plays for FC Ballyhoo Club Soccer Team in York, PA.     

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School and Bailey’s family are very proud of her hard work and commitment to not only the game of soccer, but also to her teammates.  Keep sharing your special talents Bailey, and good luck in future competitions!  

Bailey S. at the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School Students Help Those In Need

Following the example of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, four of our students dedicated a Saturday afternoon to helping those in need.  Maggie H. & Sophia W., 6th graders, and Ella H. & Faith W., 8th graders, joined together to run a lemonade stand to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  As a result of their hard work and a matching donation, the girls were able to raise $120.00!   A wonderful example of how our students live lives of service and leadership in their communities and beyond.

Faith, Maggie, Ella & Sophia

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School Student Enjoys Success in 4H

In March, 2017, St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School 3rd grader, Evan S., began raising 5 pure-bred pigs.  In August, he participated in his first 4H Fair in Carroll County, MD.  Evan showed 3 of his pigs at the 4H Fair.  Evan’s lightest pig took 4th in its class, the middle weight pig took 8th in its class and the heaviest pig, Bobo, took 2nd in its class. Evan also competed in a competition called “Fitting and Showing” where he was judged on how well he handles his pigs.  Overall, Evan placed 5th in this competition.  Evan will be heading to the Maryland State Fair in September and to the National Competition in Harrisburg, PA in October.  Great job Evan S., and good luck in future competitions!

Evan S. and Bobo