Mission Statement & Vision


St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School provides a Catholic education, rooted in the teachings of the Gospel, for the whole child. Modeled after the life and virtues of St. Teresa of Calcutta, our students mature as active disciples of Christ who lead and serve their communities by “doing small things with great love.”

Core Values and Beliefs

We Believe:

    • Every child is unique and valuable, a gift from God, with special talents and gifts to share.
    • Parents, the primary educators of their child(ren), join in a partnership with teachers to foster and nurture Catholic Christian values.
    • Learning is a lifelong experience in which service and love are woven together to offer to the community citizens who are motivated by Christian love.
    • Academic excellence is reached by challenging our students to acquire problem solving and critical thinking skills through an integrated, project-based curriculum.
    • Evangelizing is integral to our mission for our Catholic and non-Catholic students and families, our parishes, and our community.
    • We must foster a love of learning in a safe and flexible environment while promoting the values of self-esteem, self-discipline, and a spirit of cooperation as disciples of Christ to be prepared in an ever-changing world.

    Profile of the St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School Graduate

    It is our hope that, as a result of his or her education at Saint Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School,

    ...graduates will live their Catholic faith by:

    • integrating the values of the Gospel into daily living
    • respecting self, others, and God’s creation
    • recognizing that all gifts and talents are God-given
    • living a sacramental life
    • following the principles of Catholic social and moral teachings 

    ...graduates will reflect their values by:

    • practicing healthy living habits
    • being truthful in all situations
    • acting responsible and accountable in everyday living
    • demonstrating dedication to God and country
    • upholding human dignity

    ...graduates will exhibit the attributes of a leader by:

    • accepting ownership of actions
    • acting with good judgment
    • empowering others by identifying and accepting their God-given talents and skills
    • accessing and applying knowledge for making informed moral decisions in society

    ...graduates will demonstrate the quality of their education by:

    • becoming innovators and critical thinkers
    • working independently and cooperatively to solve real-world problems
    • utilizing technology to enhance digital citizenship
    • becoming lifelong learners