News & Testimonials


St. Teresa of Calcutta school marks All Saints Day, Day of the Dead The Gettysburg Times, November 3, 2021

St. Teresa students build and fly their own kitesThe Evening Sun, April 12, 2019

Saint Teresa’s celebrates Catholic Schools WeekThe Gettysburg Times, January 30, 2019

Saint Teresa students showcase STEM projectsThe Gettysburg Times, April 7, 2018

St. Teresa of Calcutta School Ventures forward in Faith   –  The Catholic Witness, September 15, 2017

Parent Testimonials

“We were so impressed with the simplicity of the school, the sense of Faith throughout the school, the security & the technology.  Most of all, we were won over by the friendliness of the staff, teachers and students!”  The Zaepfel Family

“We thank God everyday for all of you and the comforts of knowing that our kids are so well taken care of in their school setting.”  The McMaster Family

Student Testimonials

I think you will like our school because we are one big family that loves each other. We are very welcoming and always ready for any new family members to come in and let us share our love with. Also, there is so much education that we can be very successful with in the future. One more reason you should come here is because of the athletics and how successful we are in them! My favorite thing about this school are the people in it. Overall, you should come to STC because of the community of people here that make you feel at home.  Lindsay 

I think you will like our school because it is a welcoming community. My favorite thing about this school are all the amazing people.  Landon

I think you will like our school because everyone treats each other like family. My favorite thing about this school is the teachers. They are kind and great at their job.  Avery