Faculty & Staff Directory

2020-2021 Academic Year

Executive Pastor
Rev. Charles L. Persing

Executive Principal
Mrs. Crystal Noel, P’20 (email)

Associate Principal
Mr. Jesse Read (email)

Financial Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Susan Poist (Conewago Campus)  (email)

Business Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Julie Deal, P’18 (McSherrystown Campus) (email)

Pre-Kindergarten (Website)
Ms. Suzanne Kornacki P’19 (PK3 – 2 day and PK4B – 3 day classes) (email)
Mrs. Jodi Wilson (PK4A – 5 day class) (email)

Kindergarten (Website)
Mrs. Jill Seymore, P’18, P’21 (email

Grade 1 (Website)
Mrs. Janice Garrett (email)
Mrs. Roberta Hatez (Religion) (email)

Grade 2 (Website)
Mrs. Margaret Kaufmann (email)

Grade 3 (Website)
Mrs. Sandra Hertz (email)

Grade 4 Team (Website)
Mrs. Christine Brilhart (Math & Religion) (email)
Mrs. Jody Groft (Homeroom 4B, Language Arts, Science) (email)
Mrs. Roberta Hatez (Homeroom 4A, Social Studies) (email)

Grade 5 Team (Website)
Mrs. Christine Brilhart (Homeroom 5B, Math) (email)
Mrs. Roberta Hatez (Religion) (email)
Ms. Gail Schuchart (Homeroom 5A, Language Arts, Social Studies) (email)
Mrs. Tiffany Stultz (Science) (email)

Grade 6 Team (Website)
Mrs. Susan Arigo (Math) (email)
Mrs. Sherry Chroniger, P’19 (Homeroom 6, Language Arts, Social Studies, Religion) (email)
Mrs. Tiffany Stultz (Science) (email)

Grade 7 Team (Website)
Mrs. Susan Arigo (Math) (email)
Mrs. Sherry Chroniger, P’19 (Social Studies) (email)
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders (Homeroom 7B, Language Arts) (email)
Mrs. Tiffany Stultz (Homeroom 7A, Science) (email)
Mrs. Laura Mull (Religion) (email)

Grade 8 Team (Website)
Mrs. Susan Arigo (Homeroom 8A, Math) (email)
Mrs. Christina Frizzell, P’18, P’21, P’24 (Homeroom 8B, Religion & Language Arts)  (email)
Mrs. Laura Mull (Social Studies) (email)
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders (Science) (email)
Dr. Maureen Thiec  (Algebra 1) (email)

Mrs. Jean Shipley (PK – 8)  (email) (Website)

Mrs. Jennifer Bunty, P’20, P’23 (Conewago Campus) (email)
Mrs. Tanya Miner (McSherrystown Campus) (email)

Mrs. Cheryl Carney (Conewago Campus) (email)
Mrs. Kimberly Lamer (McSherrystown Campus) (email)

Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Rita Sledzik (Grades PK-8) (email)

Mrs. Pamela Singleton (Grades PK-8) (email)

Mrs. Joanne Lain  (Conewago Campus) (email)

Library/Media & Resource Center
Mrs. Michelle Kidder, P’26, P’29 (McSherrystown Campus) (email)

Instructional Support (IS) Student Support Team (SST)
Mrs. Kim Lamer (email)
Mrs. Joanne Lain (email)
Mrs. Kelly Eckenrode (email)
Mrs. Michelle Kidder, P’26, P’29  (email)

Guidance (Act 89)
Hillary Kourliouros, P’31  (email)

L.I.U. Staff (Act 89)
Carolyn Carpenter (email)
Jennifer Lawrence (email)
Stephanie Young (email)

Speech Clinician (Act 89)
Deona Schmittel

Director of Advancement
Mrs. Michelle Kidder, P’26, P’29 (email)

Director of Marketing & Enrollment
Mrs. Melissa Guy, P’18  (email)

Director of Development & Fundraising
Mrs. Kristen Wenger, P’22 , P’24, P’29 (email)

Classroom Aides
Mrs. Donna Adams 
Mrs. Tonya Kline, P’20
Mrs. Cathy Kohler
Mrs. Kimberly Little
Mrs. Beth Nawn

Cafeteria & Lunch Coordinator
Mrs. Carla Harriett, P’19 (email)

Cafeteria Assistants
Mrs. Julie Brust (McSherrystown Campus Lunch Coordinator)
Mrs. Joni Robertson, P’24 (McSherrystown Campus Lunch Aide)

School Nurse
Ms. Jennifer Turner (email)

Maintenance Staff 
Mr. Chuck Lawrence (McSherrystown Campus)
Mr. Jack Lawrence (McSherrystown Campus)
Mr. Barry Groft (Conewago Campus)