Events Committee & Help Needed

Welcome to the Events Committee page.  We are happy to have volunteers and their input.  If you are interested in being an active member of a committee or can help, please contact Mrs. Kristen Wenger, Director of Development & Fundraising.

Volunteers are needed for the following Committees:

Winter Carnival--Help is needed with making raffle baskets, asking local businesses for donations, organizing the prizes and decorating.

Cash Bingo--Help is needed to plan the event, make raffle baskets, plan prizes, request donations from local businesses and decorating.

**NOTE--You don't have to attend meetings to help with events. If you can only help with one part of the planning, we would still like your help.

Help Wanted:

Help in the kitchen--We need help during the Winter Carnival and Bingo.  If you are interested, please contact Mrs Wenger. The kitchen makes great money during events but we need people to run it and volunteer to help.

Help from home--Work that can be done anytime of the day, including date entry and stuffing envelopes.