School Committees

The  Athletic Association  is responsible for running the extra-curricular sports programs at our school. All students who attend our school or the Religious Education program at a sponsoring parishes, are welcome to participate. Parents whose children participate in Athletic Association programs are members of the Athletic Association, and are encouraged to take an active role in the organization & its activities. Meetings are held monthly. The Association also engages in fundraising activities to support the program. Contact:

Our school depends upon three major sources to generate income in order to cover its operational expenses. These include tuitions, subsidies from the sponsoring and cooperating Parishes, and monies raised from donations and fundraisers. The role of Advancement & Development is to secure monies from other means, including Special Purpose Entities and EITC, and is essential in keeping tuition affordable for our families. Procuring funds for tuition scholarship assistance is of utmost importance.  Contact Mrs. Kidder or Mrs. Wenger.

All parents are members of the Home and School Association.  Parents are expected to carry on the work of the Association and assist in school programs through work on committees.  Meetings are held monthly.  Parental input on general school related matters is encouraged. Home & School sponsors several fundraising activities during the school year.  These projects and the supervision of sales are the responsibility of the parents.  The vital proceeds from the fundraisers are used to support the school and student activities.  Contact:  Mrs. Katherine Berry.  

Our Parent Ambassadors work with our Home & School and our Marketing Director to represent our school in the community, as well as mentor newly enrolled families.  Contact:  Mrs. Michelle Young

The  Interparochial School Advisory Board has no direct control over, or responsibility for, the administration of the school. Rather, the Board has responsibilities for matters of policy. Policy dictates what is to be done, not how it is to be done.  The Board welcomes input from parents and encourages parents to become involved in its various organizations and committees. Meetings are held bi-monthly beginning in September. New members for the School Advisory Board are affirmed and appointed in May.  Contact:  Mr. David Staub

Updating and keeping current with today’s technology is important in preparing our students for the world beyond eighth grade. The Technology Committee meetings are on an as needed basis. If you are interested in serving the school on the Technology Committee and helping with our technology advancement and upkeep, please contact Mrs. Jean Shipley.