Technology (Grades 4-8)

Mrs. JoAnn Garman
Mrs. JoAnn Garman

Welcome to Technology Class!

All students should be able to login to the computer with their username and password, login to Google and Google Classrooms for specific classes.  All students put their usernames and passwords of all their accounts on an index card.  Please keep them in your folder.

Keyboarding is an essential part of technology and working with the computer.  This link is the one we use in class to practice our keyboarding.  Then choose the Qwerty typing lessons.

Mondays:  4th grade

Tuesdays:  7th & 8th grade

Thursdays:  5th & 6th grade

Week of October 22, 2018

Grade 4:  Keyboard lesson #2 and introducing technology vocabulary

Grade 5:  Keyboard lesson #4 and begin Google Docs project.

Grade 6:  Problem solving worksheet and begin coding

Grade 7:  Keyboard lesson #10, MS Office Excel project

Grade 8:  Keyboard lesson #10 and pinch pot project in paint software.  No homework.


Week of October 15, 2018

Grade 4:  Keyboard homework lesson #1, keyboard score and finish comparing websites.  Homework keyboard lesson #2  on

Grade 5:  Keyboarding Lesson #4 and finish MS Word document project.

Grade 6:  Input/Output assessment and Problem solving worksheet in Google Classroom

Grade 7:  Keyboard lesson #10, finish all previous assignments.  Some started Excel.  Homework finish True and False section of Excel worksheet.

Grade 8:  Keyboard lesson #10 and pinch pot project in paint software.  No homework.