Homeroom 7A

Mrs. Rebekah Sanders
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders

Welcome to Homeroom 7A!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

School Phone:  (717) 637-3135

For a copy of the 7th Grade Supply List, click here.

Announcements: Winter uniform begins Friday.  Please double check dress code.


Planner funds are due ($5).


Monday 10/28- Grade 8 Science Read section 2 of your packet on Heat/Thermal Energy (pp. 208-211).  In the packet, answer table on page 210 and #1a & 1b from page 211.

Tuesday 10/15- Grade 7 LA- Stories are now due NEXT MONDAY 10/21; we won't have class time to work on them, so please plan accordingly.  Pre-test for Unit 1 floppy vocabulary test is tomorrow; if your score is a 24 or 25, your pre-test score will count and the final test on 10/21 won't be necessary.  This is the ONLY unit for which a pre-test is available so you can experience the format prior to 'the real deal.'  Illustrations of an IMAGE from chapter 5 or 6 from The Light in the Forest are due Thursday.  Be sure to include 2+ sentences of what image you chose and why you chose it on the back of the illustration.  The illustration should be in color and fill the page.

Grade 8 Science: quiz is Thursday.  Be studying your notes.  Tomorrow is a STEM day.

Monday 10/7- Grade 7 LA- Write Unit 1 words on the appropriate lines for pages 14-16.  Have your background builder filled out with at least 10 boxes complete so you can start on your story tomorrow.

Grade 8 Science: Items to bring PDF has been added to classroom.  Get supplies ready this evening and double check the weather forecast when you awaken in the morning to make any necessary adjustments.  Pray the rain moves through more quickly than it's forecast to.


Tuesday 10/1- 7 LA- on your loose leaf  (TLitF) or copybook record the description of an item you find outside your home from nature.  Due Friday & not officially assigned to both groups yet: on loose leaf complete comprehension questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, & 9 from page 276.  If you did NOT complete the names, dates, and roles of 3 leaders in GC today in class, please do so this evening and turn each in separatetly.

8 Science:  Review notes.

Wednesday 9/25- 8 Science- your water cycle illustrations are due Monday.  Be sure to include the following terms: Precipitation, Condensation, Evaporation, Transpiration, Interception, Infiltration, & Percolation  as well as the arrows to demonstrate the movement of water.

Additionally, be sure to turn in your skit for Health.

Tuesday 9/24- Grade 7 LA- Vocabulary is due tomorrow.  Pen friend letters are due Friday; no more class time will be provided.  Be sure to turn it in when you are finished.

Monday 9/23-  Grade 7 LA- Vocabulary for "Racing the Great Bear" is due Wednesday.  Page 267 has your 6 words; at least complex sentences are needed; however, you may pick 2 of what you consider the easiest words to only make 1 sentence.  This will give you a total of 10 sentences.

Grade 8 Science- Read section 2 of chapter 13; record the 5 factors that affect runoff in your copybook.  Permission slips for Strawberry Hill are due Friday.  Please ask if you have any questions.

Friday 9/20- Grade 7 LA- Finish dialogue containing at least 5 sets of quotes including 1 split quote and 1 quote within a quote.  The other 3 quotes may be finished as you'd like.  You may pick any topic as long as the conversation is appropriate.

Thursday 9/19- Grade 8 Science: read section 1 from chapter 13.  In your copybooks, record 3 ways (from the reading) that the 4 spheres we worked with today interacted.  For Health, double check with your partner to see which of the 8 skits you'd like to create.  Place that number and short description into the comments of the ASSIGNMENT.  The instructions are under materials in GC.  You will have to navigate between the pages.  Your actual skit (with dialogue) will need attached to the assignment in GC.  It's not possible to interact with "Materials" from GC.

LA- Finish diagram for week 3.

Tuesday 9/17- Reflections on PA Dept. of Health article are due via Google Classroom on Thursday.  No more class time will be provided.  Follow the directives listed in GC; I will assimilate the 2 spots into one as entering the article under "Materials" was an error on my part.  Be sure to TURN IN the assignment when it is complete.  Please remember when you are using technology that you are following the internet acceptable use policy and applicable technology guidelines.  Thursday will be the first story quiz of the year from "Broken Chain." Be sure to finish re-reading it if you haven't.  There is a link to a copy of it below.  Story vocabulary will be included on the quiz.

Monday September 16-  

LA- Test on "Broken Chain" will be Thursday; study vocabulary and re-read story.

Grade 8 Science- Due Monday 9/23- Final paragraph explaining in your own words your understanding of how a law and theory compare and contrast with examples for each.  Find this in Google Classroom.

September 12-

ELA- finish questions from page 53- BOTH LEB questions on conflict (go in copybook).  ON LOOSE LEAF- for comprehension questions that are answered with the questions RESTATED in the answer (NO need to COPY ?) CHOOSE any 2 of 1-4, any 2 of 5-8, AND 9 & 10.  Additionally  write a paragraph analyzing Alfonso's character using 3 examples from the story (please indicate page #'s).  You may stick to 1 character trait, or you may use up to 3 character traits.  Regardless of the traits you pick to support, you need a total of 3 supports with page #'s.   Please remember to introduce and conclude your paragraph.  If you happened to forget your book, hopefully the following link will work:  Broken Chain