Grade 7B

Mrs. Rebekah Sanders
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders

Welcome to Homeroom 7B!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


School Phone:  (717) 637-3135

For a copy of the 7th Grade Supply List, click here.

Announcements:  Test packets were issued MONDAY 12/10; please have signed packets turned in TUESDAY 12/11.

Choir members- Mrs. Pugliese has a Google Classroom page set up for you with music tracks and pertinent information.  The class code to join is 59767b .

Please check Google Classroom regularly for Music.

Homework:  Week of 12/10

Thursday 12/13-  Apologies; 12/12 work didn't post.  The pronoun packet's due date for ALL pages is Monday; the first 2 pages (4 sides) should already be completed.  Please focus your efforts on getting your 26 letters filled in so you can make your sentences for your personal alphabet of Christmas rough draft that's due Monday.  You may want to consider word processing the draft because the final draft is due NEXT Thursday.  Chromebooks are signed out 2 periods at the beginning of next week (Monday and Tuesday), but the formatting and checking of sentence type may take a while.   I would write it out manually, but that is my preference and for speed's sake, I can type from a paper faster than I can draft something; you need to make that executive decision based on your strengths and availability of devices.  The draft can be in either form, or even a combination of forms.

Tuesday 12/11- All poem work is due tomorrow; keep in mind that the checklist and pre-write are on opposite sides of the SAME paper when collecting all of the supporting drafts and revision papers (3 1/2 sheets of construction paper- blue, red, white & 2 mini notebook papers).  You'll also need your final copy and the illustration to accompany it.  Pronoun packet is due Thursday; after this evening, you should be 2/3 through it.  If you are on par or birdie(eagle) with your work, please begin recording SPECIFIC idea words for your Christmas Alphabet.  Example- don't keep C for cookies- remember there may be icing, sprinkles, molasses, Kisses, forks (to mark the peanut butter cookies), messes, etc. that you can use.  Another example instead of D for decorating the tree you may have P for pickle, A for angel atop the tree, Fir, Spruce, etc. We'll go over these tomorrow. Stay current with DGP & Floppy

Monday 12/10- Poem work is due Wednesday.  Please be sure to review checklist as you proceed.  Packet for pronouns is due Thursday; 1 1/3 pages per night will get you through the packet figuring 3 nights of work.  Please refer to the notes in your copybook to help you & follow directions as listed for each section.  Test packets are due Tuesday with a signature; 7B, please have parent/s sign each test; 7A- top sheet is present for you.

Friday 12/7- Next week we will cover UNIT 10 for floppy; the review unit we will put off for a week due to the time constraint of a shortened week filled with extraneous scheduling.  7A please see GC for the information from your test packet front.  BOTH 7A & 7B-- tests will be sent home Monday; they didn't get put together today.  SORRY 🙁  Monday will be the last day to work in class on your Free Verse poem; all supporting paperwork need turned in Wednesday along with the Final copy and illustration.

Thursday 12/6- Not sure what happened with yesterday's post. Sorry; it's the same for today.  If you didn't mark your poem draft by highlighting any forms of "be," add or change 3 or more adjectives, and add or change 3 or more verbs, please do so in order for us to continue revision tomorrow.  Final drafts will be due Wednesday 12/12.

Tuesday 12/4- See Monday- work on fixing up any sensory imagery to make it STRONGER!!!!

Monday 12/3- Vocabulary due for the play "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" is due tomorrow.  See Friday 11/30 for details.  Stay current with DGP & Floppy.   Tuesday work for DGP will have 3 subjects and 3 predicates; they won't necessarily all be successive.  Review your rough draft and highlight any repeated words or phrases-- do the repetitions ADD to your meaning?  Double check any sensory wording-- is it powerful enough? Ex. His socks smelled really really bad.  vs. The stench of his socks assaulted my nostrils but how could I beg for mercy from footwear?

Friday- 11/30- Drafts of your free verse poem with a minimum of 20 lines is due Monday along with the questions answered on the back of your 1/2 sheet.  Vocabulary for "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" is due Tuesday.  2 sentences per word except for explicit and defiant; sentences should be more than simple (complex, compound, and/or compound-complex).

Wednesday 11/28- Any English work from pages 166 (#1-5 writing out each sentence) and page 236 (#'s 1, 3, 4, & 8-writing out sentences) not completed in class today need finished for tomorrow.  If you didn't get your pre-write finished prior to today, please add anything to it to support your cause- keep in mind because it's a prewrite you don't need to have the exact wording- example- onomatopoeia for sounds of waves, short vowel assonance for skating on ice, etc.

Tuesday 11/27- Finish up the pre-write of any 3 topics of your choice for the free verse poem.  If you feel you are satisfied with your pre-write, look over it, and try to make a decision which one you feel will work the best for your poem.  Stay current on regularly scheduled work.  JRRF's will be returned Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Monday- Please finish any definitions/examples you didn't get finished in class today.  If you don't have your book, you can search online and many reputable sources can give you adequate information for the following: simile, metaphor, alliteration, consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia, personification, & hyperbole.