Grade 7B

Mrs. Rebekah Sanders
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders

Welcome to Homeroom 7B!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


School Phone:  (717) 637-3135

For a copy of the 7th Grade Supply List, click here.

Announcements: 7B families, please use the following hyperlink to sign up for a conference: Conference Sign-up

Homework:  Week of 10/15

Wednesday 10/17-  We will check CTRW & S/A for unit 5 tomorrow.  DUE TUESDAY on an index card is your reference to the prayer you will be using the next time you lead prayer AND your 'activity' or Yahhhh- inspiration of the day/word of the day, etc.  Prayers don't need to be written out; the reference to what prayer book and a page # will suffice.  A hyperlink address will also do for your inspiration, thought, quote, etc.

Tuesday 10/16- All conference packets and final copy of parent letters need completed by the end of class Wednesday (tomorrow).  For Unit 5 in Vocabulary, we will introduce it tomorrow and the tests will be NEXT WED. & THURS.  This is a change due to the Hanover Halloween Parade Thursday 10/25.  Spelling test will be Wednesday and Usage test will be Thursday.

Friday 10/12- Conference packet work and draft of welcome letter to parent(s) are due Monday.  Unit 4 Usage test is Monday.

Thursday 10/11- In your copybook complete the following Reading Focus prompt: "How has the world changed since you were born?  What about since your parents were born?"

Wednesday 10/10- Type 2 Writing (quiz) on sentence structure will most likely be tomorrow.  Be able to create the 4 sentence types and identify how/why each is what it is as well as coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Monday 10/9- Floppy vocabulary this week is Unit 4-- not unit 5 as listed on test packet; sorry about that.  🙁 Study guides covering 16 of your words are due tomorrow.  Tests will now be 1 day behind: spelling test Friday & Usage Test on Monday.

Wednesday 10/3- Please complete your card for Grandparents' Day. If you don't have a special visitor coming, you may make it to a special person in your life you'd like to honor with cherished memories mentioned on the card.

Tuesday 10/2- Vocabulary Family Trees are due tomorrow.  Be sure to use your checklist.

Monday 10/1- Be sure to have pages 42-46 ready to check tomorrow; page 46 needs to have sentences that you create USING the idiom in it Ex. When Jodi grabbed my arm out of excitement I told her to hold her horses; I still needed to pack my bag.  You will most likely need to use outside sources of family members and/or "Google."  Vocabulary trees are due Wednesday; you will have about 15 minutes tomorrow to work on them in class.  The schedule for floppy the rest of the week is to CHECK pp. 47-8 on Wednesday & CHECK p. 49 on Thursday.  We will begin unit 4 on Friday.