Grade 7B

Mrs. Rebekah Sanders
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders

Welcome to Homeroom 7B!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


School Phone:  (717) 637-3135

For a copy of the 7th Grade Supply List, click here.


Please check Google Classroom Music page &  Mrs. Pugliese's site.

 MUSIC:    Tests will be handed back to be signed and returned.  Flip folders with wrong answers will need self-corrected.

Homework:  Week of  2/19

Thursday 2/21- Due to the 2 hour delay and unforeseen timing conflicts, the Unit 14 SPELLING TEST will be TOMORROW; the Unit 14 USAGE TEST will be MONDAY!!  Please pass this along to your peers; an attempt was made to clarify this during the school day, but I am not sure if ALL received the message.

Wednesday 2/20-   142 test results were just tallied from 20 different students.  It's great to see many of you use a great resource.  Here's the link for you if you are interested; please remember to email me your results  with your name after taking each test  Unit 14

Tuesday 2/19- Please check Google Classroom for the sentences with infinitives and your homework assignment; each class is a little different based on the sentences shared.

Thursday 2/14- Spanish quote and 3 pictures are due tomorrow.  By tomorrow you should have 25 reading responses in your folder.  Be sure to follow directives for each entry. Next week, we'll get back on track with week 19 for DGP.  In floppy, tomorrow we'll check Tuesday work; Tuesday we'll check normal Wednesday work, & tests will be Wednesday and Friday; this is for unit 14.  New books will be issued Friday.

Wednesday- DGP Quiz tomorrow.

Eeks- Where did Monday and Tuesday go??

Friday 2/8- Finish your 1/2 page diary entry from "Beyond the Limits" excerpt.  If you need the story, the following link EXCERPT  It has a scanned version of the story if you need to check back for details of how long they spent with the jet stream whipping and/or in the snow cave, etc. DGP quiz on TUESDAY from somewhere between weeks 14-17.  Double check that you have all of the corrected answers.

Thursday 2/7- Unit 13 vocabulary test tomorrow.  Make sure you have your vocabulary for the story ready to go.  Please see "Announcement" section for Music homework due next week.  Please be responsible with your choices.

Wednesday 2/6- Vocabulary for "Beyond the Limits" is due tomorrow; if the #1 precedes the word, 1 sentence needs created; if the #2 is before the word, 2 sentences need written.  Monsters opinion essay with 1/2 sheet reflection and 2 post-it's are due tomorrow.  Please finish 3 infinitive phrases on 1/2 sheet.

Friday 2/1- Monsters Are Due.. opinion essay drafts are due Tuesday; follow directives.

Thursday 1/31- Tomorrow we will be heading to the Conewago Campus in the afternoon for our pep rally.  Dress is spirit wear; don that blue and orange for Crusaders' sake!  Temporary tattoos may be placed on your hand or a cheek.  Rough drafts of opinion essays from "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" are due Tuesday; please be sure to follow directives on the papers handed to you Thursday.  Stay warm!

Monday 1/28- Tomorrow is collegiate/pro jersey/dress down day & the baking contest. Tomorrow evening is the Talent show at 6:30.

Wednesday 1/23- Make sure final, typed copies of cinquain/quintain(s) are turned in via GC by tomorrow.  Leave comment (s) if you have questions or concerns regarding it/them.  "Monsters..." quiz is tomorrow.  An alternative schedule will be followed tomorrow.

Tuesday 1/22- Review Monsters information for quiz on Thursday.  Complete review pp. 158-60.

Friday 1/18- What follows is the test packet front information.  My apologies for not getting paperwork stapled.  Please look for them Tuesday.  7B- Hang onto your fronts until you get your test papers.

Upcoming Events-No school on Monday 1/21

  • Unit 12 Floppy test is Tuesday.  Review pp. 158-160 are due Wednesday; pp 159-161 are due Friday.  Week 17 for DGP.
  • “Monsters Are…” test will be Thursday 1/24. Be sure to study its vocabulary; hopefully presentations helped.   
  • Rough  drafts of Cinquain(s)/Quintain(s) are due TUESDAY, January 22.  Instructions are posted in GC. Final drafts need submitted via GC by Thursday; we will prepare them for display Friday 1/25.
  • Please have your library card with you next week as we will get busy again using it to investigate available resources.
  • Remember the extra credit opportunities of quiz scores from, creating extra CSW poems, and having regularly scheduled HW completed ahead of schedule if you are concerned about your ELA grade.  
  • Reading Response folders should have 18 entries at this point. If they aren’t there, you need to get yourself up to speed.  If you can’t find the time, recess will most likely become your next option to get you there..


Thursday- On loose leaf, write a 1/2 page REFLECTION (not summary) of today's TED Talk video of Guy Winch on "Emotional 1st Aid."

Rough drafts for your poem (s) are due Tuesday. Spelling test tomorrow.  Remember to make your comment in GC regarding "being present."

Wednesday- Check GC for question to be answered (right there).  Double check directions before entering your response to make sure that it is an acceptable one. Comment is due Friday.

Tuesday 1/15- Stay current with regularly scheduled work.  Contemplate the contributions you made to your copybook today regarding "Being  present." I hope to get a question into Google Classroom later this evening; check for a notification.

Monday- Week 16 of DGP is on schedule.  Vocabulary Unit 12 will be 1 day behind this week, with the usage test coming Tuesday, 1/22.  "The Monsters...." quiz will be next Wednesday, 1/23.  Have ready in your copybooks #5-8 from page 525 and Extending your Response/Literature Circles from page 526 (bulleted ideas are fine) for tomorrow.

Thursday 1/10- Complete draft of friendly letter for Catholic Schools Week.  Use our brainstorm to assist you in sharing what about STC that is unique; what makes it different from other schools, and how we can genuinely thank parishioners for their support as well as indicating how we benefit from their generosity.  Floppy test and finishing pronoun test will occur on Monday.

Wednesday 1/9- Take a final look at any of your pronoun work for when we finish our tests tomorrow.  Amvets essays are due tomorrow before 7th period.  Please make sure that you have filled out your entry form using the pdf in classroom for the school information; your parent/s should decide on what gets placed above besides your name.

Tuesday 1/8- See announcement above from Mrs. Garman.  Study pronoun work and notes; tomorrow is your test.  Tomorrow is also the last day in class to work on Amvets essays.

Monday 1/7- Stay current with Week 15 and Unit 11; regular due dates this week.  Be studying your notes and pronoun packets (incorrect answers before we checked and fixed them) to help you; test is Wednesday.  Final drafts of Amvets essays are due Thursday; before submitting try recording yourself reading the final copy, then listen to it without looking at your paper.  You will most likely hear a few things that need fixed.  Listen to it again looking at your paper, and making corrections on it.  Fix what you need to, and then try recording a 2nd time to listen at how much better it sounds.  Familiarize yourself with the beauty of revision.