Grade 7B

Mrs. Rebekah Sanders
Mrs. Rebekah Sanders

Welcome to Homeroom 7B!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


School Phone:  (717) 637-3135

For a copy of the 7th Grade Supply List, click here.

Announcements: Please be sure to register online for Crusader Chase and return your permission slips by this Friday.  Go Crusaders!!


Please check Google Classroom Music page &  Mrs. Pugliese's site.

Homework:  Week of  4/22

Wednesday 4/24- See Monday regarding story vocabulary work AND finish your thank you letter rough draft in your copybook regarding Kite Day sponsors/helpers/ media outlets.  It should be 3 paragraphs: an introductory thanking for their assistance with a few thrills, paragraph 2 should include your personal experience either designing, making,  and/or flying them, and the final paragraph should be another short 're-thank' and request for consideration for helping again.  Be sure to keep in mind the idea of partnership, cooperation, value to your education, etc.  I will post the notes in GC about ideas to include.

Tuesday 4/23- See Monday for story vocabulary work that is due Thursday.

Monday 4/22- Story vocabulary for "Rikki Tikki Tavi" is due on Thursday (page 788).  2 sentences per word EXCEPT for brood and valiant (only 1 sentence for each w/o definition OR only definition w/o sentence) since we already had those words from Floppy.  Unit 5 for this week and Week 27 in DGP.

Tuesday 4/16  Please have  your Haiku, Diamante, & Poster ready to turn in tomorrow upon arrival in the classroom for attendance and announcements.  Spirit wear dress down day tomorrow.


Monday 4/15- Have BOTH the haiku and diamante ready for checking tomorrow if you haven't gotten yours approved yet.  Posters & both poems will be collected on Wednesday.  Tuesday is a work day at your own home base in class; many accomplished a LOT today; some only accomplished a little--each contingent upon personal choices.  Have your work plan ready for tomorrow.  iPads will again be available to do any typing & sending of poems for printing.


Thursday 4/11-  Have diagramming ready for Week 26.  Be brainstorming words and ideas for your poster, haiku, and diamante.  We will collectively share tomorrow so you have much food for thought.

Wednesday 4/6- Work on your 3 lined Haiku with an Easter/Lent themed message.  1st line= 5 syllables; 2nd line 7 syllables; 3rd line 5 syllables.  This should NOT be 3 sentences; it needs to be ONE THOUGHT. No words may be a being verb (am, are, is, was, were, be, being, been). No more than 5 words may have 1 syllable; focus on multi-syllabic words.  Use your brainstormed word list from propaganda notes or perhaps even read the Passion story from Scripture.