Grade 6A

Mrs. Tiffany Stultz
Mrs. Tiffany Stultz

Welcome to Homeroom 6A!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

School Phone:  (717) 637-3135

For a copy of the 6th Grade Supply List, click here.

Announcements: Welcome to 6th Grade


Science Explorers- This is an amazing club that is being offered after school on Thursdays.  See Science Explorers online for details.


Science Grade 6A & 6B Vocab quiz Tuesday.  See 15 words in notebook  Worksheet due tomorrow. Tri-fold board by January for STEM. 1 per group

Science Grade 7A & 7B-TRi-fold board for STEM by January. 1 per group.  Quiz on vocab Tuesday. Finish page 458

Language Arts 6A-

Spelling-Test Lesson 16 and Homework due  Thursday




Other- $2.00 for pizza










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