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Lunch Ordering Information

Hot lunch is available every day of the week for each child.  At St. Teresa of Calcutta School, we wish to instill a healthy school environment for our students by providing a variety of nutritious, convenient and economical meals and snacks to help our children’s ability to learn.

Important Details Regarding the Lunch Program:

Hot lunch cost is $3.00 per meal, including a drink, and $1.00 extra for a second serving of the main course.

Packed lunches will not be able to be heated or reheated.  Please take this into consideration when packing your child’s lunch.

Individual Beverage Tickets can be purchased for $0.50 each.  Beverage choices are Chocolate, White, and Strawberry milk, Orange juice and Water.  Sometimes throughout the year other options such as lemonade may be available.  Send money in an envelope to the school office with name of student, grade and quantity.  Tickets will be sent back to the student that same day.

Lunches are available for students to pre-purchase Monday thru Friday.  For planning and preparation, parents are asked to have all orders into the school office by the designated date stated on the monthly menu.  Lunches can be paid by cash or check and sent into the office in one envelope to the school office marked LUNCH MENU.

Utensils and napkins will be provided for every child that purchases lunch.  Please remember to pack the appropriate utensils for your child on the days that they are packing lunch.

Whenever it is necessary to send money to school, please send it in an envelope stating on the outside the child’s name, grade, amount and purpose.

Please do not combine payment for other items into your payment for school lunch.  For example, payment for a class activity, fundraiser or beverage tickets are not to be included with payment for a lunch order.

Students are expected to be courteous and observe appropriate table manners.  Talking should be in moderate tones while eating.  Quite time is to be observed during clean-up and when entering or leaving the cafeteria.

No one is to leave the school grounds or lunch area during the lunch period for any reason without permission of the principal, teacher or staff member on lunch duty.

 Food Policy:

In order to meet the nutritional and safety needs of every child, we require that every child and family follow the below food policy:

  1. No child should trade or share food at any time including lunch, snack, classroom celebrations, bus rides, school transportation, or school-related activities.
  2. Each child is to come to school prepared for lunch with either a packed lunch or purchased lunch option. If a child forgets his/her lunch, we will provide the child with either a hot meal that is being served that day or a bowl of cereal if quantities do not allow enough to serve the hot meal option. The cost is $2.50 for anyone that needs to be fed a lunch that was not prepaid or preordered.
  3. Each child will be supervised over the lunch period by a member of the school personnel and will be encouraged to consume a portion of their lunch.
  4. No food will leave the cafeteria or designated areas as assigned by the school personnel.

How Do I Pay?

By cash, or check made payable to St. Teresa of Calcutta School (One check for sibling’s orders is allowed, but will need a separate menu calendar filled out for each child).

Paperclip your payment to the calendar, or enclose it in an envelope, or Ziploc bag. (Don’t seal the envelope if you want it returned, tape and write reuse on it.  Please do not staple checks to the lunch calendars).

Put name, grade, and lunch order on the outside of envelope/bag.

 What Happens When the Calendar Gets to School?

The teacher will collect the Lunch Menus from the students and send them to Mrs. Harriett to be counted.

Once the menu is counted and checked it will be sent home for your records. Please do not throw away!! It is your record of what they have ordered for the month.

Each student will receive a mini lunch menu that will be kept in the classroom and handed out every day by the teacher for the children purchasing lunch that day.

Students hand the mini menu to the kitchen staff, who will cross off that they have received their lunch.

Calendars are then sorted and returned to the classroom for the next day’s lunch.

What Happens if My Child Should Miss an Ordered Lunch?

Mark it on your lunch calendar at home.  Parents are responsible for keeping track of missed lunches!  There will be no cash reimbursement.

The next time you order for your child simply write credit (with the date of the missed lunch) on the lunch they would like to order on the following month’s lunch menu.

Credits will be issued for absent days, and school cancellations due to inclement weather.  Credits will not be given for unexcused absences or days ordered when clearly marked on calendar that relate to field trips or other class events.

What Happens if You Order (ex. Pizza) For a Child for the Month and They Dislike it the First Time They Try It?

Call or send a note in and we will remove future orders of that particular lunch.

What Happens if my Child Forgets Their Lunch?

If a teacher is notified before lunch, every effort will be made to contact caregiver so you have the option of bringing a lunch for them.

If you are unable to be reached, or if the child waits until they are in the cafeteria to let it be known, they will receive a lunch. If a child forgets his/her lunch, we will provide the child with either a hot meal that is being served that day or a bowl of cereal if quantities do not allow enough to serve the hot meal option.  The cost is $2.50 for anyone that needs to be fed a lunch that was not prepaid or preordered.

Mrs. Harriett is in charge of the “Forgotten Lunches” and will send home a note with the date your child was lunch less, and how much money needs to be sent in.

Please return payment in an envelope marked “Forgotten Lunch” with your child’s name, grade and  ATTN: MRS. HARRIETT.

She will mark them off as paid.  It is important to pay promptly because it is a self-funded program.

Important Notes

1)      Food Allergies: Please notify the school with any food allergies your child may have so the kitchen staff and school staff will be aware of your child’s needs

2)      If your child should forget to hand in their mini copy of their lunch menu to the kitchen and bring it home, please send it back to us

3)      Lunch orders are placed and paid in advance.  Menu orders that come in late may not receive an ordered lunch for that week.  Please pay attention to the due date written on the lunch menu

4)      Please do not cut or change the shape of the calendars in any way

5)      Anyone in need of financial assistance with the school lunch program please contact your school principal.